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80% of the vineyards are planted with the traditional variety of the Spitzerberg: Blaufränkisch! It yields particularly distinctive wines on the barren limestone soil of the Spitzerberg. They are tightly-knit & concentrated, very aromatic –invariably graceful & inspirational. A fruit-forward Merlot and a spicy Syrah round out the range. Like all red wines, the white Ortswein Prellenkirchen is a slow developer and is grateful for every year of bottle aging.

Single vineyard wines

Ried Spitzerberg

This wine has the august age of the vines (55–70 years old) to thank for its remarkable refinement & elegance.

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Ried Roterd

The light proportion of clay in the soil imbues this Blaufränkisch with a seductive & creamy texture.

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Liebkind, Ried Kobeln

A wine of extremes: intense aromas, concentrated structure, powerful tannins & impressive freshness. The very essence of the Spitzerberg.

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Samt&Seide, Prellenkirchen

The proverbial velvety tannins & silky texture of this Blaufränkisch tell the tale. It is the most charming expression of the Spitzerberg.

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The limestone soils of the Spitzerberg give this white wine its firm structure & seductive minerality.

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Regional wines

Carnuntum (Cuvee vom Berg)

A charming cuvée of two-thirds Blaufränkisch & one-third Syrah. With its elegance & fruit-forward nature it is a marvellous ambassador for the region Carnuntum.

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Non-DAC Carnuntum

Syrah (Sydhang)

An impressive wine, which in its stylish Old-World fashion brings the hot & dry conditions on the Spitzerberg to a most elegant expression.

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Merlot (Roterd)

Bright fruit and the velvety tannins make this wine a marvellous companion to fine dining.

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This robust sweet wine from the Spitzerberg draws its inspiration from the great Ports of the Douro Valley.

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