Prellenkirchen 2014

Site & soil

Prellenkirchen is the name of village at the foot of the Spitzerberg hill, where our white grapes are growing. Hence the name of the wine. It is mostly Grüner Veltliner, harvested from vines with more than 25 years of age. About 10 % is Riesling, grown on vines that are more than 50 years old.

Harvest & vinification

We pressed the grapes very softly and fermented the juice with wild yeasts, as always. The wine stayed in a large old wooden vat for 18 months. The aromas of this Cuvée are clearly marked by limestone: very clear and precise. There is some touch of white peach and tearoses. On the palate the wine is constantly well textured, clear, precice, with a beautiful mineral structure, and limestone-character until the finish.

The wine likes to be served with salty dishes such as fresh oysters, sauted scalops, proscuito or dishes with alici.

Vintage 2014

2014 saw an exceptionally difficult end to the vegetation cycle. Rain began in mid-August, sometimes in massive volume, and soggy conditions persisted for several weeks. Berries and stems of the already ripening clusters were threatened by a great risk of rot, which is why many winegrowers tended to harvest as early as possible. But we went the other way and waited for perfect maturity, with the disadvantage that we found many clusters unusable. Ultimately, the total yield this year was barely 40% of an average harvest.

  • Varities Grüner Veltliner 90%, Riesling 10%
  • Alcohol 11,5%
  • Residual Sugar 1g
  • Tartaric Acid 5g
  • Bottles 2.800 / 0,75l
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